The Disco Dance Dimensions, one of the first teams to showcase the hustle with their unison routines, lavish costumes and of course, great talent, originally started out as the Dance Dimensions. The group was founded and managed by Billy (the kid) Fajardo. Who choreographed most of the groups routines. His partner at the time was Sandra (Rey) Lopez Rivera. Joe Valenti was the producer and Julie Allen the agent.


The first couple to join Billy and Sandra was Louie and Rosemary, with Perico and Debbie thereafter. I guess you can say -- they laid the foundation for the rest of the dancers that were part of this amazing team.


The Dimensions initially performed in New York City nightclubs and Universities. They when on to perform in large resort hotels in Las Vegas and the Catskill regions of New York State. They opened acts for the likes of Buddy Hackett, Joey Bishop, and John Davidson. In 1977, the group was signed as the exclusive dancers for a show on NBC called "Don Kirschner's Rock Concert". The show aired every Saturday night, right after Saturday Night Live. "Don's Disco Dancers", as they were called on the show, performed for 4 years and in between taping the shows, toured Europe and the Continental United States.

Besides Billy and Sandra, the Dimensions featured great dancers such as Victorio,  Perico and Debbie, Eddie and Lourdes (U.S. Hustle Champions), Hector and Jackie (WPIX 11 - Soul Alive champions), Louie and Francine/Alma (Roseland Champions).

The Dance Dimensions performed for 10 years as a company. There would never be another group like it.